Eeekkk!!! Things are getting real!!!!

Hello everyone! 

Every day, we are making strides to get the site up and running.  We will be opening soon, just waiting on a few little things.  I wanted to share a couple things that are important to us.  We will be starting with a limited amount of items, but will be adding new inventory every week (possibly daily).  We will also only offer a small quantity of each item.  There are a couple of reasons behind this.  Having grown up in a small town, I never want to show up to an event/night out with someone else wearing the same thing.   As we grow that may change, but if you like it, buy it because it may be gone when you return.  At first we will not be doing restocks, but again we will gauge that as we grow.  

This business has been designed because of my love of clothes (I guess that's a good thing, haha!). I have been looking to do this for a long time.  We are a unique business in that we are trying to offer something for every woman. We will also try to fit every style because we all know we are different and that is GREAT! If you log on and don't find something that matches your style, don't give up on us, we will be adding different things all the time.  

Last, but not least, if you like us, please share us with all your friends!!!